What is a Relationship?

What is a relationship and more importantly, how is a relationship defined? First, let us look at how a relationship is defined. Two people are drawn together through purposes that have a common interest. At this point, it is not known if their initial contact will grow into a deeper connection. As the two people come together on different occasions, they both are gathering vital information about one another. This is a stage of just simply getting to know one another.

As time progresses the two people become more familiar with one another, and at this point the relationship is formed. Now keep in mind, just because a relationship is formed, it does not mean that the relationship is bonding or that it is a relationship of substance. It just means that the two individuals have some familiarity and have become more acquainted with one another. So what is a relationship indicative of as it relates to substance? A relationship of substance means that definition has been established and both parties have determined that they want more than just to be acquaintances.

Definition is important because the two people need to be on the same page so that each will have an understanding of how to relate to one another in the relationship. Sometimes people fall into traps thinking that their relationship with a person is more than what it actually is. Assumption can lead to hurt feelings, confusion, and could possibly eradicate future involvement. Many people assume that they are connected to a person in a certain way, only to find that the other individual does not think of them in that way at all. Definition, is just simply clarification.

I should note that each party in the relationship is responsible for their own behavior. That being said, if the relationship is not a relationship of substance, then it is important not to do things that suggest that the relationship is more than what it actually is. In other words, don't lead a person to think that the relationship is more than what you actually want it to be. We must ask ourselves, "What is a relationship to me"; because some people take the term relationship very lightly. You don't meet a person one day, and decide the next day that this person is a quality individual that I need to have in my life; because we all put our best foot forward when we meet a new person. But in order to truly see a person's true colors, it is important to spend time observing their character.

Character is one of the foundational elements that should be considered when determining whether or not the individual will add value to your life, or deduct from it. However, to truly understand what a relationship is from your perspective is to define what quality traits you deem valuable in a person that you wish to spend your time with. A mature person takes the time to know themselves and what they want in a relationship; so that when they find those quality traits in a person they are able to identify them and look beyond the exterior and choose wisely.

My advice to you today is to get an understanding with the person that you have started spending quality time with. Find out where you are with that person, and how they view you. This will help you to know if the relationship is of substance, or if they are simply an acquaintance.